NXT Ascent

We Create & Build Consumer Brands

At NXT Ascent, we build high growth consumer brands for the home & family. 

We are data and operations focused, but we know how to be creative. We take a hands-on, highly systematic approach to building our companies from inception to exit based upon our proprietary blueprint that is derived from years of hard-won expertise of running, scaling, and exiting businesses.

We take a consumer first approach to create and build brands that engage the same customer pool. We follow a consumer journey roadmap that moves from first acquiring a customer to feeding into our portfolio's unique data & content platform. We utilize ongoing data collection and analysis, coupled with consumer engagement, to introduce our other complementary brands to our consumer, resulting in a greater share of wallet. 

Previously, we’ve built brands, operated and scaled companies, acquired companies, invested in companies, and exited companies. As proven operators with experiences in large data and product platforms, we have built a process to help our owned brands efficiently launch, scale, and achieve profitability. 

We leverage our proprietary processes, data capture and operational support to build market-leading consumer product brands from scratch. We methodically evaluate, rapidly prototype, and systematically build ideas into market-leading brands with our own teams and core capabilities.

By combining our shared resources platform with our brand creation process, we are able to provide our brands with the best human capital and business infrastructure from day one. 

We aren’t looking around the corner for the next big thing. We think it’s already here - and just needs direct application of our experience, patience, resources and proven insight in order to emerge, scale and exit. 

At NXT Ascent, we are launching brilliant consumer goods brands to make people’s lives better.

Adam Schumacher

Adam is a consumer goods entrepreneur with a track record of operating brands sold across multiple channels of distribution including direct to consumer and retail platforms.  Prior to starting the NXT Ascent venture studio, Adam owned & exited consumer goods brands within the sporting goods & wellness industries. 

This experience led him to help create NXT Ascent’s true studio approach to repeatable development of scaled, profitable consumer innovation. He has systematized the approach and provides the pattern that each brand should follow from ideation > validation > creation > deployment > scale. 

Adam attended University of Wisconsin, where he was a 4 year letterman in Tennis while majoring in Advertising/PR. He lives in Chicago with his wife & daughter.


Jim Streibich

Since exiting the global marketing intelligence firm he founded out of business school, now known as Numerator, Jim has continued to be a devoted entrepreneur and early stage investor and advisor in dozens of companies. Through his journey, he has developed significant pattern recognition, learnings, and understandings on what is takes to succeed in early stage business. As a founding partner in NXT Ascent, it is Jim’s daily goal to steer the businesses under NXT Ascent’s umbrella to the highest probability of significant success. 

Jim is a graduate of Northwestern and Northwestern's Kellogg Graduate School of Management.  He resides with his family in Chicago.


Mike Vig

Mike is an experienced brand leader and operator. Early in his career, Mike handled brand management responsibilities in an entrepreneurial setting at Pivotal 5. Post MBA, he worked on the global home cleaning brand, Mr. Muscle, at SC Johnson and ran both the State Fair brand and the frozen foods business of the $1B+ Jimmy Dean brand at Tyson Foods. Mike was hired by Hometown Food Company, a private equity rollup of legacy brands, to lead the Hungry Jack brand and operate the Pillsbury baking business.

In 2020, Mike joined NXT Ascent as a Brand Operating Partner, and he is currently the CEO of the Adoorn brand. Mike loves brand marketing and is passionate about entrepreneurship.

He received both his BBA and his MBA with a certificate in entrepreneurship from UW-Madison. Mike lives in Glenview, IL with his wife and 2 children.