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Chief Financial Officer

The Chief Financial Officer, will establish and lead all financial activities of 14 high growth consumer brands, owned 100% by NXT Ascent.

Finance Department

Full Description

About the Role:

The Chief Financial Officer, will establish and lead all financial activities of 14 high growth consumer brands, owned 100% by NXT Ascent. Your mission is to establish a robust financial infrastructure that drives smarter, quicker decision-making by the executive team to aid growth and profitability, leading to successful exits.

Expected Outcomes:

1. Within your first 30 days, create a strategy and process for all financial activities at the NXT Ascent portfolio and each brand company. Determine tools and people necessary to achieve success within your financial plan and present your approach to the executive team.

2. Devise a budget & reporting structure to be utilized at both the portfolio and individual brand company level within the first 60 days. Organize this structure into a process and accountability tool for our high-growth consumer brands to efficiently launch & scale within a set budget.

3. Create a KPI reporting & accountability template, within the first 75 days, to be utilized on a weekly basis with executive team to track progress against goals at both portfolio and individual brand company level.

4. Identify and implement, within 4 months, a scalable financial platform system that can handle all aspects of our financial needs and integrate with inventory, CRM and all other data collection and measurement systems.

5. Hire and develop a team of top financial specialists over the next two years to serve 14 high growth consumer goods companies— Source, select and sell this talent to join our team and coach them to improve performance and prepare them for future roles.


We’re looking for a highly efficient, competitive Chief Financial Officer to build and lead our financial team. This person will be part of the executive team and work closely with cross functional teams to achieve successful exits across our portfolio.

Our Chief Financial Officer will be responsible for defining & implementing our financial structure and processes at both our portfolio and brand company level. They will have significant influence over the company’s success and future direction, so the candidate must have a proven track record of exceptional leadership and teamwork, plus experience directing and overseeing financial activities of a consumer products company. 

They are expected to be a collaborative contributing partner to the overall leadership and management of the business and to serve as a leadership role model for the values and culture we stive for. They will hire & develop top financial talent for the team while coaching them to improve performance and prepare them for future roles.  They’ll be responsible for defining goals for the team and building systems to track and measure their performance.

They must always have an eye on the exit by understanding the portfolio and brand company’s profit trends and how these will impact the future of the business and exit scenarios along the way. 

The Chief Financial Officer will:

· Play a leading role in the development of the company strategy and setting the key performance indicators for the business. Lead business and scenario planning activity

· Forecast and plan financial targets for the portfolio and each of the brand companies. Create a monthly reporting and accountability of actuals vs forecast and make strategic business decisions tied to performance.

· Own business performance evaluation and management through weekly KPI accountability and monthly financial reporting.

· Determine areas where the business should expand or trim for future growth & profitability with an eye on maximizing exit value.

· Identify and implement a scalable financial platform system that can handle all aspects of our financial needs and integrate with inventory, CRM and all other data collection and measurement systems.

· Assess the benefits and disadvantages of alternative distribution channels for each portfolio company and make recommendation tied to predictive growth models.

· Analyze market categories for further brand expansion & develop predictive models for growth within these markets.

· Decide on investment strategies across portfolio by considering cash and liquidity risks.

· Control and evaluate the organization’s future fundraising plans and capital structure.

· Ensure cash flow is appropriate for the company’s operations.

· Set finance control framework (policies and standards) and ensure compliance with GAAP and company policies.

· Manage external accountants, banking relationships and interaction with investors.


· Highly efficient & organized — Efficiently plans, organizes, schedules, and budgets to produce significant outputs while focusing on key priorities.

· Competitiveness — Moves quickly and demonstrates tenacity and willingness to go the distance to get something done.

· Proactivity — Acts without being told what to do. Brings new ideas to the company.

· Ability to hire & develop top talent — Sources, selects, and sells candidates to join the team; coaches’ people in their current roles to improve performance and prepares them for future roles.

· Creativity/innovation — Generates new and innovative approaches to problems to stay on trend with the ever-evolving market.

· Work ethic — Possesses a can-do attitude with a strong willingness to work hard and sometimes long hours to get the job done.

· High standards — Expects personal performance and team performance to be nothing short of the best.

· Teamwork — Strives to establish an overall collaborative working relationship with colleagues and partners.

· Analytical skills — Exhibits a probing mind, can structure and process qualitative and quantitative data and draws insightful conclusions to make sound recommendations.

· Strategic thinking/visioning — Understands the big picture and can communicate it in an inspiring way. Determines opportunities and threats through a comprehensive analysis of current and future trends.

Location: Chicago 

How to Apply

Please send us your resume and any related application materials to the email listed below, with the job title for which you are applying referenced in the subject line. 

Contact: jobs@nxtascent.com

About NXT Ascent

At NXT Ascent, we create and build consumer goods brands.

We take a consumer first approach to create and build companies that engage the same consumer pool. Our deep knowledge of this consumer allows us to build brilliant companies that make their lives better. 

We target high growth, overlooked opportunities for the home & family within these consumer categories: Home Improvement, Home Leisure, Pet, Baby/Child, and Personal Care.

As current & former business operators, we take a hands-on, highly systematic approach to building companies from inception to exit based upon our proprietary blueprint that is derived from years of hard-won expertise of running, scaling, and exiting businesses.

We leverage our proprietary processes and deep operational support to build our market-leading consumer brands from scratch with our own teams and core capabilities. Our process is proven and streamlined; designed to help brands ideate, launch, scale and achieve profitability.

Our Values 

1. Our People 

2. Customer First 

3. Competitive

4. Efficient

5. Fun 

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion at NXT Ascent

At NXT Ascent, our people are our number 1 priority.  We do everything possible to put our people in the best position for success while we expect high personal performance and high team performance.

In order create and build brilliant brands and achieve our desired culture we must have a diversity of voices in the room.

We are committed to hiring a diverse set of people, minds, experiences, and perspectives as we create a culture that is competitive, efficient, and fun.