NXT Ascent


At NXT Ascent, we create and build consumer brands.

NXT Ascent will build 14 high growth consumer brand companies and:

  1. Own 100% of each company
  2. Take a customer 1st approach for lower CAC + high LTV
  3. Utilize our proprietary data platform for vast consumer insights
  4. Build higher ticket or repeat purchase items w/ competitive advantage meeting strict validation processes
  5. Utilize our proprietary blueprint for efficient and repeatable growth
  6. Operate a shared resources platform to maximize profitability

We believe our approach solves many of the challenges consumer brand startups face today.

Where Data Meets Product.

NXT Ascent is founded by Jim Streibich & Adam Schumacher.  Previously, Jim & Adam have built brands, operated and scaled companies, acquired companies, invested in companies, and exited companies. As proven operators, they have built a process to help brands efficiently launch, scale, and achieve profitability. While Jim brings an extensive background in data & Adam in product, NXT Ascent was founded on some shared core beliefs picked up over the years:

  1. Own your Customer
  2. Driven by Data
  3. Be highly efficient with time and money
  4. Always be profitable
  5. Work with the best
  6. Keep an eye on the exit

Build for the Consumer.

We take a consumer first approach to create and build brands that engage the same customer pool (i.e., the NXT Ascent family). Our data capture enables a deep knowledge of this consumer and allows us to be increasingly better at marketing to them.

Our process is proven and streamlined.

We are operators who understand the market, and draw on a repeatable blueprint to help brands launch, scale and achieve profitability.

Operate on shared resources platform.

By combining our shared resources operating platform and brand creation process with a brand vision, we can increase performance that accelerates profitable growth to a loyal, engaged consumer.  Benefits to our companies include:

  1. Lower expenses in early stages
  2. Access full human capital resources
  3. Process and infrastructure in place
  4. Set roadmap

RESULT: Better resources at a lower cost

We aren’t looking around the corner for the next big thing. We think it’s already here - and just needs direct application of our experience, patience, resources and proven insight in order to emerge, scale and exit. 

At NXT Ascent, we are launching brilliant consumer goods brands to make people’s lives better.